Weed Papers HD Free Release date

Fusion Affect has announced the iTunes app, Weed Papers HD FREE! This amazing app will be available for download on May 5, 2011 – only 3 days to wait!

Remember, Fusion Affect has pledged a portion of the proceeds from Weed Papers HD FREE to NORML. Remember to mark May 5th on your calendar and to download Weed Papers HD Free!

Full description of this amazing app:

Weed Papers Free

Finally, an iPhone/iPod app that caters to the cannabis lover!

Weed Papers Free is definitely the app that will make your iPhone the grooviest at the party! With tons of cool marijuana wallpapers to choose from, Weed Papers Free allows you to personalize your iPhone while making a statement – and its FREE!

Even if you don’t smoke weed, you will appreciate the beauty of the wallpapers designed with stoners in mind. Weeds Paper Free allows you to use different combinations for your home screen and lock screen.

Be all the rage, make your friends jealous as you boldly and proudly declare your love of pot! The retro design aesthetic of each wallpaper will make your iPhone a unique statement regarding your political views on hemp.

Weed Papers Free offers:

  • Regular updates of new marijuana wallpapers
  • All marijuana all the time artwork
  • 4G Retina display HD quality (960 X 640)
  • Many options to choose from
  • FREE!!!

Check back on a regular basis to find favorite 420 quotes about smoke. You can change your home screen/lock screen combination as often as you like – FREE!!!

Thank you for downloading Weed Papers Free! Remember to rate our app – that’s what keeps us coming back for more…

Should you have ANY questions or need HELP, feel free to contact us at:  fusionaffect@yahoo.com

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Fusion Affects Pledges Donation to NORML

    April 22, 2011Joining the cause to de-criminalize the use of marijuana, Fusion Affect has pledged to donate 10% of the proceeds from their newest iTunes app, Weedpapers HD Free, to NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) – scheduled for release May 5, 2011.

Weedpapers HD Free Icon

Icon for Weedpapers HD Free

Fusion Affect is a small company dedicated to developing worthwhile apps for unifying interests,” says developer, Damion Westbrook. With the conviction that marijuana must be made legal for medical use, Damion has pledged to donate 10% of profits from Weedpapers HD Free to NORML. The app, Weedpapers HD Free was developed by Westbrook with this goal in mind. The app is resplendent with beautiful artwork that is intended for use as wallpaper for iPhone/iPod devices. Westbrook firmly believes that if the stigma attached to marijuana is removed, it will clear the way for legalization. As such he says “if everyone that agrees were to proudly display the 420 flag”, misconceptions surrounding the mythical “marijuana culture” would be more readily put to rest. With the release of Weedpapers HD Free (available on iTunes) Fusion Affect hopes to further raise awareness of the feasibility of marijuana for medical use.

 About the Company:

 Fusion Affect, owned and operated by Damion Westbrook, 34 is located in the USA. A father of two, Westbrook, born and raised in Mesa, Arizona is an accomplished graphic designer. Utilizing his love of art and music, Westbrook now focuses on software – specifically app development that is dedicated to bringing like-minded people together.

 With four iPhone/iPod/iPad apps currently available on iTunes, and four in final development, Fusion Affect plans to continue expanding its interest based app library. As the company grows, so too will its ability to commit to other grass-roots causes.


 Damion Westbrook

 Fusion Affect





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